We are happy to announce that AcadeCon will once again be sponsored by the Envoy Program from Double Exposure. This program allows for our convention highlight a bevy of new and favorite games from multiple publishers with a Play 2 Win program!   These games will be in their own open play library that you can check out (with an ID & Badge) and try out at one of our open play tables.  If you enjoy the game you (and everyone who played) can fill out a card that will be entered to win that game.  The more times you play it, the more entries you get.


Look for more information at the Open play desk at AcadeCon!



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The Kickstarter campaign has ended – we were successful and AcadeCon 2017 WILL HAPPEN.  If you’d still like to support our show or grab a badge you can now do so through Eventbrite HERE






The Kickstarter Campaign for AcadeCon 2017: Fifth Edition will launch at 1:00 PM on Thursday, April 13th and run till 10:00 PM on Tuesday, May 16th.


Using the Kickstarter to purchase your badge is very helpful to us here at the Academy as we have no capital to start with. The only funds we have to pay for our facilities rental, marketing, printing supplies, bringing in guests and all the rest we have to raise or at least get enough for deposits through the Kickstarter. Our funding Goal for 2017 is $10,000 and after KS takes their roughly 9% leaving us with $9,200 we would still be more than $3,000 below what we have budgeted for the year.  So, why would we do that?  Based on last year’s after KS badge sales, raffle ticket sales and expected merch sales for this year, we think we can cover the rest of that ground before the convention ends, and frankly I’m optimistic we’ll sell enough badges via KS to crush that goal and unlock some stretch goals.


So let’s talk about the campaign:


All Regular badges through the Kickstarter campaign will be $35 this year.  There is no ‘early bird’ badges. They are all $35. Everyone is on the same playing field and if we unlock any stretch goals – everyone is equal in getting them this way.   Regular badges will be $42.50 via eventbrite (and they charge $3.00 so really = $45.50).


Children’s badges: You can have up to 2 Children’s badges free with purchase of an regular badge.  This applies for children 13 and under. Children’s badges for guest 14 – 17 years old will be $15.  If you have a child that wants to attend but you as their parent/guardian are not planning on playing games, but just being there for them you can purchase a $15 badge and shoot us a msg for a free ‘guardian’ badge.


There will be a limited number of GM badges for $10.00  We’ve updated the guidelines for qualifying, but as before if you agree to run some events for us, you get a steeply discounted badge and you will get any unlocked stretch goals just like everyone else.


There will be a limited number of VIP badges for $75. Just like last year our VIP’s will be invited to the pre-AcadeCon mixer on Thursday night before the Con. They will also be invited to our Faculty Retreat in March/April of 2018 (we don’t cover any expenses, but you get an invite to an otherwise private event with the Faculty & Network).  our VIP’s get early access to registration (and as we hope to grow, this will become more and more valuable). We were very fortunate last year to be able to provide every VIP with a set of metal dice from our Easy Roller Dice sponsors. While I can’t guarantee any exclusive swag like that for this year; we’re working on it and i’m very hopeful, but please don’t get this badge with those expectations. Just like regular badges, if we unlock any swag you get it with this badge.


There will be an extremely limited number of Games on Demand GM badges this year.  We are going to experiment with having a Games on Demand area and the guidelines for getting one of these badges is much more stringent as the regular GM badge and for that reason they are very cheap.  Just like regular badges, if we unlock any swag you get it with this badge.



We are having the very talented artist Jaydot Sloan, who’s done all of our Academy art, work up a special Kickstarter edition t-shirt logo.  The T-shirt will cost $15 as an Add-on to your badge purchase (any attendee level – must pick up on site) but we will not be selling these at the convention. If you don’t get one during the KS campaign, then you can’t get one.  The $15 price is also cheaper than what the t-shirts we WILL be selling at the Con will cost.




Vendors – we will be selling Vendor spots via the KS campaign this year as well. We are aiming to have 30 vendor tables this year with a re-worked cost of $40 for the table and up to 4 vendor badges.  We can split the tables in half so $20 for 1/2 table and up to 2 badges.  We have re-worked the main floor to make the vendor area more prominent than last year.  If a Vendor would like a secure wi-fi system to conduct transactions that is a $15 add on.  Even if all 30 vendors do the $15 add on that’s less than 60% of our cost to provide it. But we want to offer it and this is a way to help off set those costs.


Table Toppers – just like last year we are offering table topper advertisements for $25.00 as a way for other conventions, game stores, podcasts or companies to support our show and get a little in return. We expect to have over 100 tables this year so lots of opportunity for promoting your brand to our guests and helping to support our growing event.


Sponsorships – just like last year we are offering generic sponsorships for $125 or more. These come with 2 comp’d badges to be used by the sponsor or given away, at least 2 table toppers and other advertising perks based on the amount. Contact us for details.


Alternately we are also open to merchandise sponsorships (for our raffle) for amounts of $25 or more.  Contact us TheAcadecon(at) to discuss.



Here is a link to the KS which will be live as of 04/13 at 1:00 PM.



AcadeCon 2017 – Dates have been announced

Hello!   We have set our dates for AcadeCon 2017 – Something Something Game related (working title).   We will return to the Dayton Convention Center next year Friday 11/10 – 11/12.   More information, including our actual tag line and when badges will go on sale will be announced early in 2017!

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