THE KICKSTARTER WAS SUCCESSFUL – AcadeCon 2017 is on!  If you’d like to check out the Kickstarter campaign for information you can      GO TO THE KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN – CLICK HERE




EVENT LISTING IS NOW LIVE – View it at www.opweekends.com


We are happy to announce that AcadeCon will once again be sponsored by the Envoy Program from Double Exposure. This program allows for our convention highlight a bevy of new and favorite games from multiple publishers with a Play 2 Win program!   These games will be in their own open play library that you can check out (with an ID & Badge) and try out at one of our open play tables.  If you enjoy the game you (and everyone who played) can fill out a card that will be entered to win that game.  The more times you play it, the more entries you get.

Look for more information at the Open play desk at AcadeCon!


In addition to our Play to Win games, AcadeCon will once again hold our daily prize drawings.  Every badge will get free raffle tickets with extra for purchase on site.  There will be a drawing on Friday, two on Saturday and another on Sunday.  Each item up for the raffle has it’s own ticket box so your tickets go only toward something you want.  With over 75 individual prizes up for grabs there is lots of opportunity to win!


Open Game Library.  AcadeCon will once again feature a free to use Open Game Library. Anyone with a badge can check out a game, take it to our open game area and play as long as you’d like. Return the game when you are done and check out another.  Our game library will be growing this year thanks to some generous donations.


If you’d like to join us at AcadeCon 2017 you can purchase your badge’s at Eventbrite –


Eventbrite HERE



AcadeCon 2017 – Dates have been announced

Hello!   We have set our dates for AcadeCon 2017 – Something Something Game related (working title).   We will return to the Dayton Convention Center next year Friday 11/10 – 11/12.   More information, including our actual tag line and when badges will go on sale will be announced early in 2017!

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