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AcadeCon 2014 (a)

So, you got me!  The moniker of AcadeCon being an annual event isn’t 100% accurate.

See, the idea of  AcadeCon was born during our first pre-GenCon hangout, but it really solidified on the way home from that first GenCon as Travis and I chatted about how much fun we had.

I had decided that the first Acadecon would be in February of 2014, about 1/2 way between GenCon’s.

So AcadeCon # 1 was February 2014.  AcadeCon # 2 was in November of 2014 – same year, but now in November which is where it’s been ever since and will likely stay.

I hope you can forgive me!



AcadeCon 2014 (a) Photo Gallery

Sadly I have been unable of dig up any pictures of our first AcadeCon. I know I tweeted and them and posted on Facebook, but they are lost.   Sad Panda

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