2014 (b) Photo Gallery




Travis and Rocky – clearly up to no good!














One of our first true fans and now friend – Erik (he’s a Mason!)

















Erik, Rachel, Jared and Michael?’s arms. I “think” this was ‘We didn’t play test this at all’ which was our official opening of the Convention game, until we forgot in our 3rd year.
















Erik didn’t look at his card in Werewolf. Like, just didn’t look at it. Still pretty sure he was a Mason.















Tressa and the Jenga tower of DDDOOOOOOOMMMMMM!



Little SotM action


My absolute favorite gaming drink of choice. Ale-8-1, but to be ‘perfect’ it needs to be chilled in a fridge for at least 24 hours (better if more) and then put into a freezer for 18 minutes before hand. Just on the edge of freezing.


Chinese food and a Dragon Line tournament, staples of our 2nd AcadeCon


Rob with the objectively worst Jenga/Dread technique.

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One of my best Friends from my day’s in Cleveland – Rob C. drove down for our 2nd AcadeCon. Pretty sure that’s Caleb’s arms to the right and anyone notice my DM screen is totally upside down? I was running FATE, so it’s cool, right?


The BW offers a stark contrast of the moving blankets hung up in my basement. Rachel is also pictured.


Nick looks like he’s obsessing over the placement of these Zombiecide figures, when in truth he was totally obsessing over their placement.














I’m pretty sure this was during the game of Werewolf where I spoke out loud to my Werewolf partner. Yeah- just because they closed their eyes doesn’t mean they couldn’t hear me :/