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2015 Photo Gallery

in 2015 we held our first open to the public event (and our 3rd overall). We rented out the Hueston Woods Lodge in Oxford Ohio for 3 days of gaming goodness. It was an amazing event and most of our guests LOVED the cozy ambiance of the Lodge, sadly, it was just not large enough to hold our event as we grow. But 2015 will certainly be an event we remember fondly and a badge of honor for not being carried off on the wings of those damn Vultures!

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Rich Baker – one of our featured guests – brought along a demo version of Ultimate Scheme!


Our VIP mixer – Rob Smith, Kat Kuhl, Jim McClure, Rich Baker, Rob Schwalb chatting about awesome and nerdy stuff (I assume)!


The first official game of AcadeCon 2015 was Batman Fluxx in the Faculty Cabin.


I brought my recording gear so we could record Field Trip to Rokugan, part 2 of our epic L5R cross over with One Shot.


Second official game of AcadeCon was King of Tokyo.


all my recording gear – packed so delicately


I knew I couldn’t get through AcadeCon without these – and I was right


We had some amazing prizes for our AcadeCon 2015 Raffle and here was our grand prize – everything (to date) for D&D 5e.


I made a Star Wars Dread game using Light Side and Dark Side bricks. It went ‘okay’ but was still a fun experience.


We wanted to make sure everyone in the room and from space could see and recognize the RPG Academy Faculty.


Star Wars Dread in Action


Jeremy L was our Grand prize Winner!


John Wick and Monstah helping to announce raffle winners.


who the hell are these two knuckleheads?


John Neary making his first public GM’ing appearance. I’m guessing they are facing a Wear-Gerbil or perhaps a bunny rabbit.


Vultures! We were not joking about the vultures!


Rocky as a Unicorn!


Melvin Smif himself – a rare site in the wilds


weird dice, man!


The black bags of prizes.

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