Badge Registration


You can purchase a badge through our Kickstarter Campaign beginning on Thursday, April 13th at 1:00 PM (EST) and up until Sunday, May 14th at 6:00 PM (EST).  After that you can purchase a badge via Eventbrite (05/15 – 11/09) after 11/09 at Noon we will close Eventbrite, but you can still purchase a badge ‘at the door’ for a premium price.

Regular Badge: $35 via KS   $45.00 via Eventbrite  $50 at the Door

Regular Children Badge: $10=5 via KS.   $18 via Eventbrite and $20 at the Door

GM Badges: $10 via KS.  Only available via the KS

Games on Demand GM Badge: $2 via KS. Only available via the KS

VIP badges: $75 via KS. Only available via the KS.


Click here to purchase from Eventbrite (after 05/15)









Getting a badge early helps us out tremendously as well as giving you access to pre-register for events.  At AcadeCon there are no per-event prices. Once you have a badge you can get into any event on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can also register for events on-site through our scheduling program. We will have Faculty there to assist as needed.


Benefits of getting a badge:

3-day access to AcadeCon 2017. We kick off at Noon on Friday and have round the clock access to the main convention floor 24/7 until 6:00 PM on Sunday.  No scheduled events will begin before 9:00 AM (Noon on Friday) or go past 1:00 AM (6:00 PM on Sunday) BUT the room is open for pick up gaming all night. Last year we had several groups that were playing to the wee hours of the morning. At AcadeCon you don’t have to go home and you can stay here.


We have what is quickly becoming a legendary raffle.  Each badge purchase comes with 5 raffle tickets with the ability to purchase more on-site.  We hold drawings multiple times throughout the event and you can drop your tickets for individual items you’re after.


Play to win games – last year we had over a dozen donated games that were ‘play to win’ meaning you could check the game out (with an ID), play it and if you liked it get a free raffle ticket for just that game. You could get as many of these free raffle tickets for as many games as you wanted by checking them out again.  We expect to have the same support, if not more from Double Exposure’s Play to Win program this year.


Open game library.  The Faculty here at the Academy brought in our personal game libraries totaling over 100 games that were free to check out and play during our normal hours (9am to 11pm) for free with an ID.


Food discounts. We had worked out arrangements with many of the local restaurants to give discounts on food and/or appetizers with our AcadeCon badge. We’ll have list available of any participating restaurants this year as we make those partnerships.


Code of Conduct

All guests are expected to adhere to our code of conduct. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from the event without a refund.  

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Terms of Service

Convention Rules In general, please use good common sense at AcadeCon. Don’t break the law. Follow all rules of the Dayton Convention Center (DCC) and respect the other guests. Respect the personal space and privacy of all participants of AcadeCon. Bottom line, don’t be a jerk.   AcadeCon is a harassment free zone and will …

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