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Vendor Agreement

If you are interested in being a vendor for AcadeCon 2017, please read our vendor agreement as well as our Terms of Service and then you may pay your table fee through our Kickstarter campaign. If the campaign has already ended or you have other questions, you may contact us at Vendor@TheAcadeCon.com with any questions or concerns.

The fee for a vendor table is the same through Kickstarter or after.  $40 for one table and up to 4 vendor badges.  These tables are able to be split – 1/2 table and up to 2 vendor badges for $20.  A secure wi-fi connection for processing transactions is a $15 add-on.


Vendor Agreement

Vendors agree to follow all terms and conditions as presented by The RPG Academy LLC specifically related to the AcadeCon gaming convention which are outlined in a separate document.


Vendors further agree to follow all legal and procedural guidelines as outlined by the Dayton Convention Center (hereafter referred to as DCC), the Crown Plaza Hotel, any local hotels and places of business, and any and all legal and law enforcement entities.


Vendors have purchased their AcadeCon badge and floor space through the AcadeCon Kickstarter or by direct payment to The RPG Academy LLC. Only those who have an AcadeCon badge are allowed in the DCC for the AcadeCon event. Badges must be worn at all times. Beyond the initial badge purchase, no further funds are due to AcadeCon or The RPG Academy LLC. Any funds generated from sales made at AcadeCon are owed to the vendor only and no part, portion, or percentage is due to AcadeCon or The RPG Academy LLC.


Vendors agree to bring all products, supplies, and tools necessary to operate their sales and vendor space. It is not the responsibility of AcadeCon or The RPG Academy LLC to provide any such equipment or supplies. The DCC will provide tables and chairs for all vendors as necessary to set up their booth space. For information relating to freight services, onsite services, materials handling coordination, electricity, internet, lighting, or to order additional items for a booth that is not included with the booth price, vendors will be referred to the DCC. All other materials and services beyond what is included with booth price are the sole responsibility of a vendor or exhibitor. Any additional requirements must be brought up prior to the event and can be addressed with the DCC.  


Vendors agree to hold responsibility for all of their inventory and equipment. AcadeCon, The RPG Academy LLC, and the DCC are not responsible to secure any vendor space, inventory, or equipment. Neither are any of these entities responsible for any loss or theft a vendor may suffer. Be aware that the convention space is accessible 24 hours a day for duration of the event by all registered attendees and may be accessible by venue staff and other persons.